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Uncle’s Grand Adventure Contest 2014

Last year we saw the Uncle go on vacation and travel all over the world. He went to Sydney, Hong Kong, Israel, London, Peru, and many other beautiful and iconic locations. At one point his adventuring went too far and he got incarcerated at Alcatraz!

Where will his adventures take him this year? Will he visit the International Space Station? Will you run into him on your vacation? Will he avoid prison time? Only you can help us answer these questions!

If you spot him on your travels snap a picture and let us know! We’re offering prizes for people that find him visiting bizarre locations, historic places, or doing crazy things!

For details on this contest visit:

2014 Settlers of Catan PreQualifiers

This weekend marks the beginning of our 5th annual Settlers of Catan State Championship. Each of our stores holds on PreQualifier for a National Tournament at GenCon.

The prequalifier tournaments are full of fun as you and excitement as you play four consecutive rounds of Settlers of Catan. Each round you’ll meet to opponents and make new friends. At the end of the day you’ll walk away with some swag from Mayfair and one lucky participant will be invited to the State Championship.

The four Prequalifier winners (one from each of our four stores) will participate in a one round Washington State Championship on March 29th with the winner being granted a FREE trip to GenCon!

For more details head over to our Settlers of Catan State Championship Page.

Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new year, and we’re still the same friendly local game store we’ve always been!

This year we’re hoping to run more in store events like our Settlers of Catan State Championship, our regular weekly events and so much more! If you like our Grand Adventure Contest, rest assured we’re doing it again this year. Stay tuned for the official announcement in the coming months!

Polling the Uncle’s Staff we found our top new games of 2013 were: Forbidden Desert, Roll For it, Hanabi, and Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. What was your top game of the year?

Best wishes to all the gamers out there! May your new year be full of gaming excellence and mirth!

Grand Adventure 2013 Winners

The Uncle had quite a Grand Adventure this summer! He travelled all over the states, got incarcerated at Alcatraz, visited the Grand Canyon, went to Mount Rushmore (twice!), and visited so many other exciting and historic places within America.

The Uncle bravely visited many overseas locations as well! He went to the Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong, the ancient vestiges of Jerusalem, London, Peru, the beautiful Icebergs of Iceland, and so many other iconic locations.

We have chosen six photographers from his travels to be awarded a $100 gift card each.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania photo DaresSalaamTanzania_zps63c7976e.jpg
1) For taking the Uncle further than he’d ever travelled before (over nine thousand miles), we send our congratulations to Jason L.! He photographed the Uncle relaxing and playing Ticket to Ride Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.

Danielle Bradbery photo DanielleBradbery_zpsa5662e7e.jpg
2) For documenting the Uncle meeting the famous Danielle Bradbery, we send our congratulations out to Shannon D.!

Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland photo IcebergLagoonIceland_zps1cf2fcfb.jpg
3) Our congratulations to Doris S.! She photographed the Uncle in a place so beautiful (Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland), we have trouble getting him to stop talking about it.

Vietnam Memorial photo VietnamMemorial_zpsd28ed4bf.jpg
4) For masterfully capturing the Uncle’s reflection in a historic location we would like to congratulate Sara R.!

Donut Uncle photo DonutUncle_zps22f6443c.jpg
5) For creatively photographing the Uncle mimicking Iron Man in Randy’s Donut, we send out our congratulations to Donald B.!

Cliffs of Insanity photo CliffsofInsanity_zpscaf89860.jpg
6) For shear inconceivable geek value, we send our congratulations to photographer Chloe D. for her picture of the Uncle taking in the view of the Cliffs of Insanity!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in this contest. We had over 70 entries and enjoyed pouring through all of them!

Disc Golf Discs Now in Stock!

Disc Golf

Summer time is here and we wanted to share some of our favorite summertime activities and games. While sitting down with the family to play a traditional board or card game is always fun, we have plenty of outdoor favorites. We wanted to share one of our newest favorites. This summer we are happy to carry Disc Golf discs. Think Frisbee and golf combined. A variety of discs, from drivers to putters allow you to have the distance or control you need to make your way through any course in a record number of tosses. The goal is to make it from the tee to the hole, marked by a basket with chains that help catch your disc. While optimal play is achieved with each player using their own set of discs, a group can mark where a disc lands to allow multiple people to play off the same set of discs. This helps make the Disc Golf both a fun outdoor activity and budget conscious choice for summer fun.

Spokane actually has a good number of fun quality courses to play on for free. If you go to or you can look up local courses in our area as well as read reviews about the courses and see which ones cost money and which are free. From water hazards, to trees our local courses offer a lot fun experiences. Many courses are next to or part of parks and recreational areas, making them ideal for weekend adventures.

In terms of discs, there are a variety of discs that one can use. The most basic configuration is three discs, one for long tosses, on for medium approaches, and a short range precise disc to round out the selection. Five or more discs are not uncommon, but a set of three is generally sufficient when learning to play. We carry several Aerobie disc gold discs that will allow you to put together a customized set of discs suited to your needs and desires.

Summer is fun and we hope you have as much fun as we do with Disc Golf!

Uncle’s Games Remodel

Uncle’s Games – Spokane is expanding! To better serve our customers we are expanding both our inventory and our gaming area. Once our remodel is finished, we will have 30 seats available for events every day. In addition, we will have the capacity to book space in our building for even larger events. This means that we will be holding bigger, better, and more comfortable events for everyone! Not only will we have an improved gaming space, but we will also have an expanded selection of great games.

To facilitate the remodel we will need to suspend our events for roughly a week starting on Tuesday June 11th. Like a super hero coiled before a dramatic leap, we will be contracting before exploding into action. By Saturday June 15th we will return to our regularly scheduled event schedule in a temporary gaming space. During the construction we apologize for any dust or noise, but we are excited to present everyone with our improved space when the work is done.

When the construction is completed, we will celebrate by holding both a Magic the Gathering and a board gaming even. We look forward to sharing the progress of the remodel and the details of the grand reopening events over the next few weeks. Stay tuned to our Spokane Store Facebook page for updates!

Grand Adventure Contest

Grand Canyon photo GrandCanyon_zps64ffc2f0.jpg

The first photos are in! You’ve received our Uncle’s Grand Adventure card at your local Uncle’s Games and have already begun taking vacations and awesome photos. Keep them rolling in!

We’ll be uploading these pictures (and more) to our contest page soon. Who will win? Only time will tell!

Legoland Darth Vader photo LegolandDarthVader_zps164b24e0.jpg

Tabletop Day Wrap-up

International Tabletop was awesome! Our stores wracked up a combined total of over 500 people! The publishers and designers told me that they had a blast showing off their games. We saw the excitement of this event build as all of our stores had people showing up early to play games with random strangers.

We hope you had a blast on Saturday, and if you didn’t make it out this year, make sure to come by next year as this event is only going to get more awesome!

Make sure to check out our gallery of photos from the events: Tabletop Day Photo Gallery

Here’s a brief video from some of our publisher/designer friends that travelled to a bunch of different locations on Tabletop Day (skip to 4:50 to see Uncle’s):

Come Play at Tabletop Day!

This Saturday, March 30th, is International Tabletop Day. It’s a day where you can play games with your family and friends, eat free food, and relax in a friendly environment. We will have industry professionals (Game Designers & Publishers) teaching their games throughout the day.

For more information watch this short video from Grant Imahara (Myth Busters) and check out our webpage for Tabletop Day.

It’s going to be a blast!