Want something that’s educational as well as fun? Many games utilize math, reading, and creativity as integral parts of their gameplay. Playing games can also improve overall social intelligence. These are just a few of the many, many great educational games available today.


$14.99, 2-8 players, ages 10+, 15+ minutes

Pick your category and do your best to repair a fractured timeline by placing your event card in the right place. Play it correctly, and the card stays as part of the timeline. Play it incorrectly, and you must replace it with another card. Be the only player in a round to correctly place a card to win!

With categories ranging from American history to discoveries and inventions to music and cinema, it’s easy to see both how Timeline can appeal to so many while teaching everyone something new.

Rory’s Story Cubes

$7.99, 1+ players, ages 8+

Roll the dice and tell a story based on the pictures. Rory’s Story Cubes is as simple as can be and is a fun, interactive way to help develop creativity, critical thinking, and storytelling skills. Curiously enough, Rory’s Story Cubes started as an exercise to help adults with creative problem solving back in 2004 before exploding into an international sensation.

In addition to several different types of Story Cubes including classic, voyages, and actions, Story Cubes are also available under several licenses, including Batman!

Sleeping Queens

$11.99, 2-5 players, ages 8+, 20 minutes

Sleeping Queens is an adorable game created by a six-year-old! In Sleeping Queens, players are trying to wake up either five queens or 50 points worth of queens. To do so, they’ll use kings to wake them, black knights to steal them from other players, dragons to protect them, potions to put other players’ queens back to sleep, or magic wands to protect them from potions.

The other cards in the game are number cards that can be discarded in order to draw more cards. Players can either discard a run of three (5,6,7) or create an equation (6-1=5).  Leave it to a child to brilliantly wrap math in a fairy tale!

Other top picks include Robot Turtle for developing coding skills, Scrabble for improving vocabulary, roleplaying games for social intelligence creativity, and games recommended by MENSA like Laser Khet 2.0.

Looking for a game to help reinforce a specific subject? Stop in and we’d be happy to help you pick the perfect title!