Loyalty Rewards Update – September 2017

250 Points: SPOT IT!

2-8 Players, Ages 7+, 15 Minutes

Spot it has become a staple in many of our board game collections, and for 250 points this month you can pick up this modern classic. Each card in Spot It has eight symbols, and there is only ever one matching symbol between any two given cards. In the basic version of the game you reveal two cards and the first person to spot the matching symbol between the two scores the point for the round, but the game comes with a few other ways to play as well!

500 Points: 7 WONDERS DUEL

2 Players, Ages 10+, 30 Minutes

7 Wonders is another modern classic that you will find on many of our shelves, however the two player rules for the original game are not the most elegant we’ve seen. Thankfully a two player version made its way to us a little while ago, and it has left its mark as one of the best two player games we have ever seen! This card drafting and set collection game lets players build entire civilizations over the course of half and hour as you vie against your opponent for martial, scientific, and cultural dominance. Pick it up this month for 500 loyalty points.



2-4 Players, Ages 8+, 15-20 Minutes

We’ve had a pretty healthy obsession with Kingdomino the last few months, and if you haven’t had a chance to try this tile drafting and placement Spiel des Jahres winner then we highly recommend checking it out in our demo libraries. The simple rules and quick game play make this one a quick family favorite, while the drafting negotiation can appeal to the more cut throat political gamers. Additionally, the giant version also adds such an incredible table presence that the theme of building your own kingdom really hits home.