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Apples to Apples - Party Box

By: John Kovalic  [#027084645194]

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Granted "Party Game of the Year" Apples to Apples is the wild and crazy card and party game that will provide hours of fun and excitement for you and your friends. Apples to Apples starts off by players being dealt a pre-determined amount of cards. Once the cards are dealt the judge lays down a green card which will have a word printed on it. Players then lay down one card they have that fits the description on the green card laid down by the judge. Creativity is an essential part of this game. Sometimes the wackiest and craziest answers are chosen by the judge. If your card is chosen then you win the round. At the end, after each person has been the judge, players add up their green cards and whoever has the most wins!

Contents of Apples to Apples - Party Box:

  • 441 Red Apple cards
  • 63 Green Apple cards
  • Quick play rules

Players: 4 to 10

Ages: 12 and up

Play Time: 20 minutes

Artist: John Kovalic

Designer: Mark Alan Osterhaus, Matthew Kirby

Game Type: Card Drawing

Manufacturer: Mattel

Submited By: brad daily on 12/11/2008
This best way to sum up Apples to Apple simply is \"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!\"

I buy alot of party games as I entertain quite a bit. Apples to Apples is by far the best party game I have played yet. Every time I get it out when friends come over we laugh ourselves silly to the point of splitting sides. It was easy to learn and it moves at a brisk and enjoyable pace. www.playyourredcard.com is far betterplace to get a feel for the game than my humble review.

Submited By: Angela VA on 02/25/2005
Staff Review:

Apples to Apples is really a great game. We have sold it in our stores for longer than I have worked here, but I only started playing last fall (thanksgiving 2004). I was very impressed by it’s user-friendliness and general good design. You will have a hand full of cards that are all nouns, like “train,” “Jimi Hendrix” and “chocolate cake.” If for some reason you don’t know who Hendrix was then there is a little blurb on the card to supply context. That makes this game great for vocabulary building. It also requires you to think critically, as you have to look at your hand of cards and decide which one is the “gloomiest”, or most “addictive” or most “adorable” depending on the green card on the table. This game is not a heavy strategy based game, so it’s great for folks who aren’t necessarily hard core gamers. Apple to Apples is lighter, and encourages conversation and negotiation. Mensa granted this game its prestigious “Mensa Select” award in 1999.

The new Party Box is a great deal, giving you what used to be the Core game and the first 2 expansion packs in one box. This game has a proud spot on my game shelf.

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