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Mexican Train and Chicken Game Centerpiece Kit, | Games, Puzzles & More! | Games, Puzzles & More!
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Mexican Train and Chicken Game Centerpiece Kit

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This is the ultimate accessory kit for both Mexican Train and Chickenfoot Dominoes, which are the most popular domino games around. Set includes the exciting new Dual-Sound Electronic Centerpiece with a separate rooster and train sounder for either game. Nine colorful glitter-covered train markers, complete rules and a 50-page Dual-Use Score pad are also included. Everything necessary to play both games, with any Double 9, 12, 15 and 18 dominoes set. Chickenfoot plays with Double 9 dominoes, Mexican Train can play with Double 12's, 15's or 18's. The Mexican Train & Chickenfoot Game Centerpiece Kit is a great gift for domino fans! If you're new to dominoes, you will definitely want to try either Mexican Train and/or Chickenfoot, and this set has everything you need to learn and play in style-just add dominoes!

Players: 1 - 8

Ages: 8 and up

Play Time: 30 minutes minutes

Artist: N/A

Designer: Not Credited

Game Type: Tile

Manufacturer: Puremco

Submited By: Donna Willhite on 03/24/2006
I really enjoy Mexican Train, there are a goup of us who play it two or three time a month, also there are two tournaments that are played twice a year that we attend, they have about 125 who attend this function, and now there is another tournament once a month which is just starting, we all have our own sets, carry them with us in case they need extras. I had a set with no accesories (I just bought accesories yesterday in Clinton, Iowa for that one) I also have a complete set in the fancy tin, oh the accesories one came in a tin also). Now we have been looking for score pads so that will be the next thing on my list, also am looking for a plastic tray, that is tiered, like three of them that you can stack you dominos on and line them up as you play, have not been able to find those as yet but am still looking. This is a fun way to spend an evening, we start with the double twelves and go all the way to the end. Thanks for such a good game

Submited By: BARBARA KOHNERT on 10/13/2004
My entire family loves this game! Having the choice to hear the train or the chicken, plus a switch to stop the sound when you've heard enough, is a fantastic new addition from the old one. I ordered enough sets to give everyone a game of their own for Christmas! Everyone in my family, that is :-) Buy it; you'll love it!

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