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Ikusa Board Game

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Sweep across the land and secure your empire in Ikusa! It is the sixteenth century in feudal Japan, where war rages across the land. Amid the chaos and conflict, you have risen to power as one of five warlords mighty enough to conquer and control the whole empire. Your victory depends on how expertly you extend your domain while defending it from your enemies.

Send your daimyo leaders, samurai, and ashigaru warriors into battle to seize new provinces and lay siege to castles. Spend your hard-won treasury on building fortifications and bolstering your forces with ronin and ninja.

Prove the strength of your strategy, defeat your rivals, and earn the exalted title of Shogun!

Ikusa was formerly known as Samurai Swords and Shogun.

Contents of Ikusa Board Game:

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Reference Screens
  • 5 Army Cards
  • 5 Planning Trays
  • 1 Master Tray
  • 10 Castles
  • 5 Castle Fortifications
  • 30 Koku Chips
  • 30 Ronin Figures
  • 1 Ninja Figure
  • 5 Turn Order Markers
  • 72 Province Cards
  • 12 Battle Markers
  • 1 Flag Label Sheet
  • 6 Twelve-Sided Dice
  • 360 Colored Military Figures

Players: 2 - 5

Ages: 12 and up

Play Time: 240 minutes minutes

Artist: N/A

Designer: Michael Gray

Game Type: Betting or Wagering, Dice Rolling

Manufacturer: Wizards Of The Coast


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