250 Points: DRAGONWOOD

2-4 players, ages 8+, 20 minutes

dragonwoodFrom the same publisher that brought you Sushi Go! comes Dragonwood, a classic, beautifully illustrated slay-the-dragon game and a proud winner of the 2015 Mensa Select award. In Dragonwood, players adventure through an enchanted forest, collecting magical items and capturing ferocious beasts as they go. Each creature captured is worth a given number of points; the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

In addition to the Mensa Select award, Dragonwood has been honored with the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, the Parent’s Choice Silver Honor, the National Parenting Publications Silver Award, and more. Despite all its accolades, our favorite aspect of Dragonwood is the artwork; each of the 108 cards are beautifully illustrated, from the adorable bunny to the fierce orange dragon.

500 Points: LASER MAZE

1 player, ages 8+

laser-mazeLaser Maze offers much more than just a laser (which, if we’re honest, would be good enough for us). Over 60 challenge cards require players to utilize logic and problem solving as they use mirrors and beam-splitters to manipulate the laser. The unique and long-lasting appeal of Laser Maze combined with its ability to teach logic make it an award-winning fan favorite.

In addition to its awards, which includes the Parent’s Choice Gold Award, Laser Maze is also recommended by American MENSA and appeared in the Purdue University Engineering Gift Guide.

1000 Points: MYSTERIUM

2-7 players, ages 10+, 42 minutes

mysteriumMysterium is sort of like paranormal Clue mixed with Dixit. (Some players even add Dixit cards to the game.)  One player is the ghost of a murder victim, trying their best to lead the other players—crime-solving mediums—to the killer, murder weapon, and scene of the crime using pictorial clues representing “visions.” Mediums must identify each aspect of the murder before time is up, or the ghost dissipates and the murder remains unsolved. While mediums work together to solve the crime, the most clairvoyant of the mediums at the end of a successful game is declared the winner.

Fan favorite Mysterium has also been honored with the Golden Geek (awarded by BoardGameGeek) and the Jeu de l’Année, a prestigious French game award. We’re proud to offer it as a loyalty reward.

Don’t forget to pick up Tarot-sized sleeves to protect the vision cards.