Loyalty Rewards Update – July 2017


2-6 Players, Ages 7+, 20-40 Minutes

Pictopia is a cooperative trivia game with a competitive edge that will challenge even the most studious consulars of the Jedi Temple. The 1000 questions and challenges could have you and your friends working together or independently to test your knowledge of planets, ships, villains, and heroes, but the games betting mechanic will ensure that those with an Ewok’s cunning (and they are very cunning) will have a chance to stay in the game.

500 Points: OH CAPTIAN

3-6  Players, Ages 8+, 15-30 Minutes

This asymmetrical game of bluffing and hand management will have you and your shipmates plundering booty from the hidden cave of a mythic monster. Whether you choose to tell the captain the truth about what you found is up to you. In the end, it will be the richest adventurer who will wear the captain hat, and take home victory.

1000 Points: RISK LEGACY

3-5 Players, Ages 13+, 60 Minutes

The classic war game Risk has been updated with new factions, new rules, and a campaign that will have you and up to four of your friends permanently altering the components of the game as you decide the fate of this war-ravaged world.  The “Legacy” game series has provided some of our most memorable board game moments, so don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of the most unique board game experiences currently available.