Loyalty Rewards Update – October 2017

250 Points: HAPPY SALMON

2-6 Players, Ages 6+, 2 Minutes

This fast-paced card game will, without fail, incite delightfully chaos into any social gathering. Players are given a play deck consisting of four different card types indicating different physical actions: High 5, Pound It, Switcheroo, and the titular Happy Salmon. When play begins players flip over the top card of their deck and call out the card type. If any players call out the same card they perform the action listed on the card then discard that card. The first player to discard their entire play deck wins! While there may not be much in the way of strategy, the physical engagement and turbulent glee produced by this game are undeniable, and it can be your this month for a mere 250 points!


2 Players, Ages 5+

Continuing with the theme of unbridled, chaotic fun, we present Pie Face Showdown. Everyones’ favorite confection based roulette has transformed itself into a fiercely competitive battle of manual dexterity. Before play begins, load up the throwing arm with your favorite whipped topping and find a worthy competitor. You and your adversary will align your faces with the splash card mask. Your chins should rest gently on the chin rest. As play begins you must furiously and repeatedly depress the button nearest to you. If your hands are quick and your spirit is pure, then the throwing arm will align itself with the opponent and launch the sweet, fluffy, and shameful mess of dessert topping into their righteous face, marking you as the quickest and most unflappable among your peers. Challenge your foes this month for only 500 points.

1000 Points: DRAGON TOWER

2-4 Players, Ages 5+, 15 Minutes

Dragon Tower (or Drachenturm) has quickly become one of our favorites games from HABA for is the mix of memory and dexterity mechanics which help keep kids engaged in a strategy game they might otherwise find boring. Plus the dragon timer pulls down a cardboard tower of scaffolding at the end of the game, so it fits nicely with our informal January theme of chaos! Once you have the board set up players take turns flipping tiles over trying to match tile colors to space colors on scaffolding levels to build an escape tower. However, tiles may also contain pictures of Tarax the Dragon which will move the dragon timer back a space and give you less time to complete the second part of the game. Once the scaffolding is complete players each take a knight slider and the dragon timer is started. Players must guide the Princess Zaffira pawn out of the tower, down the scaffolding, and to her carriage before Tarax tears down the scaffolding. Between the cooperative nature of the game and the thrill of knocking down something you’ve built we can’t recommend this game enough for families, and you can pick it up this month for 1000 points.