Today is Dragon Appreciation Day! Dragons have been a staple of games and role playing since before JRR Tolkien introduced us to Smaug below his Lonely Mountain, so today we would like to highlight some of our current favorite games which feature these mighty and majestic beasts.


$13.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 5+, 15 Minutes

Drachenstark, or “Fiery Dragon”, is a memory/matching game in which each player controls a brave dragon looking to out-race their compatriots around the edge of a volcano. A player starts their turn by revealing a card from the middle of the volcano. If the symbol on the card matches the space the player is currently on, then that player moves a number of spaces equal to number of symbols on the card. Watch out for dragon pirate cards as they will set you back. The first player to make their way around the volcano wins! 



$29.99, 2-8 Players, Ages 8+, 15-20 Minutes

Tsuro is less directly themed than the other games on this list, but the art and graphic design are tough to match. This game easily rates as one of the most beautiful games we sell as well as one of the easiest to learn. Each player takes turns lying pathway tiles in front of their stone, then moving their stone along the path they have created. Be careful to not run your stone off the board; the last stone standing wins!


74.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 13+, 30-60 Minutes

Most of us consider accumulating vast hoards of gold, terrorizing the countryside, and fighting fellow dragons part of the daily routine of dragonkind. Dragoon seeks satisfy those desires in an area control game with that randomly populates the board with villages and cities every turn, ensuring a high amount of replayability. The shiny metal components, including dragon lairs, dragon gold, and dragon skulls can’t be beat. 

Fun Fact: Check out the Dragoon Instagram feed for the adorable adventures of a tiny golden dragon.


$29.99, 3-8 Players, Ages 13+

It would be neglectful of us to not mention Dungeons & Dragons on Dragon Appreciation Day, and there is no better module to inspire awe and trepidation of all things draconic than the “Hoard of the Dragon Queen.” Players are tasked with stopping a cult dragon worshipers from raising the draconic goddess Tiamat from her imprisonment. This was one of the fist adventures published for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and is only the first part of Tyranny of Dragons storyline.