Grand Adventure 2013 Winners

The Uncle had quite a Grand Adventure this summer! He travelled all over the states, got incarcerated at Alcatraz, visited the Grand Canyon, went to Mount Rushmore (twice!), and visited so many other exciting and historic places within America.

The Uncle bravely visited many overseas locations as well! He went to the Sydney Opera House, Hong Kong, the ancient vestiges of Jerusalem, London, Peru, the beautiful Icebergs of Iceland, and so many other iconic locations.

We have chosen six photographers from his travels to be awarded a $100 gift card each.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania photo DaresSalaamTanzania_zps63c7976e.jpg
1) For taking the Uncle further than he’d ever travelled before (over nine thousand miles), we send our congratulations to Jason L.! He photographed the Uncle relaxing and playing Ticket to Ride Africa in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.

Danielle Bradbery photo DanielleBradbery_zpsa5662e7e.jpg
2) For documenting the Uncle meeting the famous Danielle Bradbery, we send our congratulations out to Shannon D.!

Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland photo IcebergLagoonIceland_zps1cf2fcfb.jpg
3) Our congratulations to Doris S.! She photographed the Uncle in a place so beautiful (Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland), we have trouble getting him to stop talking about it.

Vietnam Memorial photo VietnamMemorial_zpsd28ed4bf.jpg
4) For masterfully capturing the Uncle’s reflection in a historic location we would like to congratulate Sara R.!

Donut Uncle photo DonutUncle_zps22f6443c.jpg
5) For creatively photographing the Uncle mimicking Iron Man in Randy’s Donut, we send out our congratulations to Donald B.!

Cliffs of Insanity photo CliffsofInsanity_zpscaf89860.jpg
6) For shear inconceivable geek value, we send our congratulations to photographer Chloe D. for her picture of the Uncle taking in the view of the Cliffs of Insanity!

We would like to thank everyone that participated in this contest. We had over 70 entries and enjoyed pouring through all of them!

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  1. I am unable to navigate through your site as it always takes me back to the same page. It says something to the effect of “Whoops you’ve reached this page in error”. I tried to make a purchase of some dice, but only got as far as the error page. I also wanted to inquire about a game called “WaHoo”. I have found several sites to purchase this from, but I have purchased from you before and was very happy with my purchase. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Hey Shawn! I’m not sure how you got to the dice webpages as they are no longer linked to our main site. Our web store has been closed for some time now. We hope to bring it back next year, but for now if you wish to have items mailed to you the best thing you can do is contact our Spokane store. E-mail Kyle at unclesgames dot com and he should be able to look into these items for you.

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