As we approach the holidays and begin to spend more and more time with more and more friends and family, the struggle to find games that support more than four people and that are easy to teach can become quite the chore. Here are a few of our favorites that are sure to be a hit with the whole family this Thanksgiving!

That’s a Question

3-6 players, ages 15+, 30 minutes, $19.99

From the designer of Codenames and Galaxy Trucker, That’s a Question is a party game that will test how well you know your friends and family. In That’s a Question everyone plays squirrels climbing a mountain, and each player starts with one acorn and a hand of hexagonal cards that list three words or phrases in color-coded sections. On your turn, you claim another player’s acorn then ask them a question created by placing two of your cards in one of the three corresponding question prompts. That player will then secretly answer which of the two answers provided they prefer while the other players secretly answer how they believed the asked player will answer the question. The answerer will score points, thus climbing further up the mountain, for every mismatched answer given by another player, and other players will score points for correctly guessing the answerer’s answer.

Happy Salmon

3-6 players, ages 6+, 2 minutes, $14.99

Happy Salmon is a super quick and super simple game that everyone in the family can play. Every player is dealt a hand of cards. On each card is a physical action that two players can complete. These actions include “High 5”, “Pound It”, “Switcheroo”, and “Happy Salmon”. When the game begins players will call out actions from their hand until another player also calls out that same action. Once the players complete the matching action they can discard that card from their hand. Play continues until one player has discarded their entire hand to win the game!

Sushi Go! Party

2-8 players, ages 8+, 20 minutes, $21.99

Sushi Go has been one of our favorite card games for a while now, and the party version not only adds more players but also adds more pieces of sushi to draft. If you’ve never played Sushi Go before, gameplay is super simple easy to teach. From the deck of chosen sushi pieces, every player is dealt a hand of cards. Simultaneously, every player will choose one piece of sushi to keep, then pass their hand to the next person. Each piece of sushi is worth different amounts of points depending on when it was drafted and how many similar pieces you have. Once all the cards have been drafted, each player will count the number of points they have scored for that round. The game ends once three rounds have been played.