Alright lovers, Valentine’s day is just around the corner! The flowers have been ordered, chocolates have been meticulously selected, and the mis en place for the 14 course French/Japanese fusion Kaiseki is set. But what about entertainment!? We’ve watched Pacific Rim and Down with Love so many times we’re likely to fall asleep before Striker Eureka has a chance to defend Sydney! Well do not fear readers, we have a selection of board games that will ensure you are staring into your significant other’s eyes long into the night.

The Cooperative Game: Onirim

$24.99, 1-2 Players, Ages 10+, 15 Minutes

Two player cooperative games are the obvious choice when your looking for a game to play on Valentine’s Day. Among the more popular choices in this category you might see recommendations for the classic Lost Cities or the thematically appropriate …And Then, We Held Hands. However we want something a little more specialized/underground. Something that feels like being the first of your friends to find a cool band that no one has heard of. Well, Onirim is certain to pleasantly surprise your sweetheart as well as boost your hipster board game cred. In Onirim you and your partner are Dreamwalkers lost in a labyrinth of dreams and nightmares beautifully illustrated by Élise Plessis and Philippe Guérin. Simple rules and cleanly designed components provide for a casual set collection and hand management game that will keep you and your paramour enthralled in each others company.

The Commitment Game: Pandemic Legacy, Season 1

$69.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 10+, 60 Minutes

For those of you who are looking at longer term relationships, we would suggest a game that will grow and change with your blossoming love. In Pandemic Legacy you control specialists from the CDC attempting to manage the outbreak of four diseases ravaging the globe. Additionally, the Legacy Deck, sealed envelopes, and mysterious packages included with the game will provide your team with new rules, components, and certain objectives to complete from game to game. The success or failure of your missions will permanently affect the board and your characters, generating a narrative as unique and special as the relationship between you and your lover. You also get to name your characters and the diseases! We suggest naming at least one disease Mononucleosis and using your favorite medical drama for character names.

The Competitive Game: Seven Wonders Duel

$29.99, 2 Players, Ages 10+, 30 Minutes

The are only a few things you can do that are more certain to earn the eternal love of your beau that constructing a gargantuan wonder in their honor. Unfortunately the time and resources required to erect edifices of effective esteem are unavailable to many people. However, 7 Wonders Duel can provide the opportunity to pit your card drafting and set collection skills against your dearest, and see who better can guide the wealth of their empire towards constructing a monument worthy their love.

The Hanging Out With Your Friends Game: Red Flags

$29.99, 3+ Players, Ages 17+

We recognize that not everyone will find a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with, and Uncle’s Games is determined to make sure you are not left un-entertained. Red Flags is a party game where you use white cards to create handsome, caring, and funny dates for a “single” friend; sabotage your other’s dates with Red Flag cards; then argue why your handsome, caring, funny date is still a fine catch despite the fact that they “Sold your pets on Craigslist.” Red Flags is perfect for when you need a night with your friends to celebrate your solitude, and fondly reminisce on a few of your more disastrous romantic entanglements.