Dominaria has us more hyped for a Magic set release than almost any other in recent memory, and to celebrate the Uncle’s Games Puzzle & Cryptography Division have Partnered with the Tolarian Shadow Academy to bring you a cipher worthy of our clever Planeswalkers.

Once a store has a correct solution submitted a special promotion will be unlocked for everyone, so feel free to collaborate with your community members. Solutions must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, April 27th and promotions are specific to each store.  Send your solution to with the name of the store you’re submitting for and good luck.

“A team of explorers from the Shadow Academy has uncovered a portion of the Saga Evincar, an ages-old Phyrexian text formerly thought to be lost. Unfortunately, all attempts to translate the text have so far proven fruitless.

Can you succeed where they have failed?

Should one or more intrepid scholars manage to crack this ancient enigma, they will find clues pointing them to a single person, place, item, or event from Dominaria’s rich history — which is the solution to this puzzle.”